Ivan Drever & Friends CD

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This live recording was made in 2016 at the Orkney Folk Festival when I was invited to get together a group of musicians to perform at ‘The Gathering’, an annual event. It was a great honour for me to go back to a place I still regard as home and to perform with the cream of Orcadian musicians and some very good friends. We had a wonderful time and I hope you enjoy the fruits of our labours.

A huge thanks to Stewart Shearer of Iolair Recording Studios for pulling the thing together musically, and for his sterling job at the mixing/mastering desk.

Massive thanks to Bob Gibbon and all at the Orkney Folk Festival (orkneyfolkfestival.com).

Thanks to John Weatherby and Kris Koren of Sound Sense (soundsense.biz)

Thanks to John Boocock for his logistical prowess and to Fiona Macdonald in the Edinburgh Office.

Special thanks to all the guys/girls in the band, thank you for making it happen!

And last but not least, thank you Linda, my partner in crime on the road.

Recorded at Stromness Town Hall on Friday 27 May 2016/

  1. Close it Down
  2. Rose of St Magnus
  3. The Fisherman
  4. Ivan Drever’s Compliments to the Kirkwall City Pipe Band
  5. Waiting
  6. Roll Over Stonehaven
  7. Leaving Stoer
  8. Brave Souls
  9. The Dark Haired Ruby
  10. Tall Ships
  11. A Peddie Heart
  12. Cleveland Park Set