Since forming out of the Edinburgh session scene of the late ’90s Malinky has, for the past 20 years, been the leading group focusing on traditional Scots song. With five acclaimed albums and an extensive tour roster across the globe, Malinky has become one of the most distinctive and accomplished bands on the Scottish folk scene.

The group's hallmark song-based repertoire is performed by three superb lead vocalists and arrayed with tastefully inventive instrumentation, uniting seasoned maturity with sparkling freshness. With two folklore and traditional music graduates amongst their ranks, Malinky combine a deep knowledge of tradition with a subtly creative approach, described by Scotland on Sunday as “one of the most imaginative of Scots-language bands”, breathing new life into centuries-old ballads from Scotland’s north-east, alongside original song-writing and tunes.

Their touring schedule has seen the band regularly entertain crowds in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark, as well as Ireland and the UK, alongside multiple tours of the USA and Canada. In the process Malinky were described as “maybe the finest young Scottish band since Silly Wizard” (Boston Globe), performing “Scots music at its most evocative” (Mojo).  With their “beautiful gentle delivery (Irish Music Magazine) and commitment to understated acoustic instrumentation, Malinky need no gimmicks, preferring to trust in the strength and power of traditional songs in themselves to communicate their stories. fRoots labelled Malinky, “a class act, and they achieve the quality of musical accomplishment previously associated with the likes of Ossian, the Whistlebinkies and Ceolbeg.” Perhaps R2 (Rock’n’Reel) hit the nail on the head in the conclusion to its five-star review of the band’s 2008 release, Flower & Iron: “If indeed it is the destiny of every child born in Scotland to be a folk musician, Malinky should be added to the milk.”