The Chair

Something of a musical juggernaut, Orcadian eight-piece The Chair will have even the most reserved audience beating a path to the dance floor. Orcadian melodies are mashed up with blues, dub and klezmer in a rampant ruckus of fiddles, banjos, accordions and drums. Collectively, the sound bursts with the energy of a heavy rock gig, yet remains acoustic at heart.

Very much on home turf at the Orkney Folk Festival, the group formed for the festival 15 years ago, and has been bringing its unique "stomp" frenzy to festival tents and concert halls throughout the UK and Europe ever since, gaining swathes of new fans on each stop.

Following the release of The Chair's two acclaimed albums - Huinka (2008) and The Road to Hammer Junkie (2013) - their hotly-anticipated third album remains firmly on the horizon...