OFF Cover 2016The 2017 Orkney Folk Festival programme will be released in March 2017, ahead of tickets going on sale in April.

Both of these are relatively close to the festival itself, as our weekend consists of 30+ individually ticketed events incorporating around 50-60 acts, across four days, rather than all-in-one day or weekend tickets.

Artists visiting the festival, however – i.e. those not based in Orkney – do not just play once, though. Typically they will be with us for three to four days, offering several chances to catch them over the weekend.

As a guide, you can download the 2016 programme – however we must stress that this should be used as a guide only. Whilst the overall format of the 2017 programme will remain relatively similar, there will be changes (as there are every year) here and there to venues, times, ticket prices etc. Hopefully, though, it will provide an insight into the breadth and volume of activity over the festival weekend.