Ragnhild Hemsing

An artist of astonishing virtuosity and versatility, Ragnhild Hemsing hails from the heartland of Norwegian folk music, Valdres. One of the country’s most celebrated contemporary classical violinists, she is equally skilled on the Hardanger fiddle, and, having been brought up immersed in the country’s rich folk traditions, uniquely and seamlessly merges the two genres into one spellbinding repertoire.

Her personal connection to the musical heritage of Norway is evident in her great love of not only performing music with strong links to folk idioms, but actively seeking collaborative opportunities with composers who similarly draw upon their native folk traditions.

Playing a Francesco Ruggeri violin, made in Cremona, Italy, in 1694, Ragnhild has performed with all of Norway’s major orchestras, as well as several of Europe’s most renowned, and is a well known artist across Norwegian radio and television.



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