One of the most innovative and exciting live acts to come from the English/Irish folk scene, Flook are making a hotly-anticipated return to the festival, some 16 years since their first (and, to date, last) visit!

Whilst there is no shortage of virtuosity amongst the the individual members, the unrivalled impact of the group, upon audiences and critics alike, stems from the wholly intuitive, almost symbiotic exchange between the various flutes, frets and skins. Brian Finnegan and Sarah Allen’s flutes intertwine with the guitar of Ed Boyd and John Joe Kelly’s bodhran as one breathtaking and groundbreaking sound, in a rare blend of fiery technical brilliance, delicate ensemble interaction and a bold, adventurous musical imagination.

The group reformed a few years ago after a prolonged break from live performances, and can now be seen at a few hand-picked festivals and concerts across Europe each year.

“Sheer musical magic… stunning technique, impossibly agile rhythm work and virtuoso flights of jazzy improvisation add up to one of the most enthralling sounds around.” 
 The Scotsman


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