Big Foot Dance Band

With possibly one of the most diverse collective backgrounds imaginable - ska, balkan, bluegrass, indie pop, internative pop, gypsy, country, folk, traditional Irish, reggae, western swing, jazz and experimental - the Big Foot Dance Band are guaranteed to sweep you off your feet in an unforgettable ceilidh experience.

All highly seasoned musicians in playing for traditional and ceilidh dancing, the group features members of the Squashy Bag Dance Band, The Highfield Reels Band, The Belle Stars, Bella McNab's Dance Band, The Cosmic Ceilidh Band, and, as seen as the 2015 Hoy Hoolie, The Dance Bandits - ensuring all of your favourite and classic dances are covered, and delivered with a touch of old-timey, swingy, rocking fun.


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